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Papers for Chapter 3.
Quality Goals

3.3.  Rashid, Awais et al. (2002)  “Early Aspects: a Model for Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering” IEEE Xplore

3.5.  Rising, Linda and Watson, Jack (1998)  “Improving Quality and Productivity in Training”

3.6.  Heimann, John (2015)  “Security Assurance and Agile Development – an Industry Perspective” Software Technology Conference

3.8.  Butler, R. and Finelli, G. (1993)  “The Infeasibility of Quantifying the Reliability of Life-Critical Real-Time Software” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

3.10.  Poort, Eltjo, Nick Martens, Inge van de Weerd and Hans van Vliet (2012)  “How Architects See Non-Functional Requirements: Beware of Modifiability” REFSQ 2012 [Best Paper]

3.11.  Edmondson, Amy (2011)  “Strategies for Learning from Failure” Harvard Business Review