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Papers for Chapter 4.
Specifying for Understanding

4.1  Chandrasekaran, B., Josephson,
John R. and Benjamins, V. Richard (1999)   “What Are Ontologies, and Why Do We Need Them?”  IEEE Intelligent Systems  January/February

4.2  Swartout, William and Balzer, Robert (1982)   “On the Inevitable Intertwining of Specification and Implementation”  Communications of the ACM

4.3  Leveson, Nancy (2000)   "Completeness in Formal Specification Language Design for Process-Control Systems”  Formal Methods in Software Practice

4.4  Winant, Becky (2003)  “Visual Requirements”  Software Test and Quality Engineering

4.5  Lengler, Ralph and Eppler, Martin (2007)   “Towards A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management”

4.6  Gelperin, David (2009) “What’s It Mean?”

4.9  Meyer, Bertrand (1991) "Building bug-free O-O software: An Introduction to Design by Contract”

4.10  Bachmann, Felix et al. (2002)  “Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Interfaces” TECHNICAL NOTE  CMU/SEI-2002-TN-015

4.12  Gelperin, David (2003)  “Adding Bits of Precision to Usage Models”

4.13  Mavin, Alistair et al. (2009) "EARS (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax)” IEEE RE09

4.14  Martin, Robert (1998)  “UML Tutorial: Finite State Machines” C++ Report

4.15  Gelperin, David (2016)  “Intent-Explicit Behavior Specs for Domain Functions”

4.16  Martin, Robert and Melnik,Grigori (2008)  “Tests and Requirements, Requirements and Tests: A Möbius Strip” IEEE Software January/February

4.17  Berry, Daniel et al. (2003)  “User’s Manual as a Requirements Specification: Case Studies”