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Papers for Chapter 6.
Mixed Requirements Development

6.1  Leffingwell, Dean  (2002)  “Agile Requirements Methods”  The Rational Edge

6.2  Fister Gale, Sarah  (2012)  “The Evolution of Agile”  PM network, v. 26, no. 1, p.28-33

6.3  Andrea, Jennitta  (2005)  “If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit: Agile Requirements for Stepsister Projects”  Better Software

6.4  …  (1998)  “IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications”  IEEE Std 830-1998

6.5  Gelperin, David  (2015)  “Agile is a Quality Anti-Pattern”

6.7  Gelperin, David  (2011)  “Improve Requirements Understanding by Playing Serious Games”