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Papers for Chapter 7.
Managing Requirements

7.2  Gelperin, David  (2011)  “Bridging the Understanding Gap”

7.3  Kerth, Norm  (2000)  “The Ritual of Retrospectives”  Software Testing & Quality Engineering

7.4  Edmondson, Amy  (2011)  “Strategies for Learning from Failure”  Harvard Business Review

7.5  Lutz, Robyn and Mikulski, Ines Carmen  (2004)  “Ongoing Requirements Discovery in High-Integrity Systems”  IEEE Software

7.7  Smith, Steven  (2006)  “Safety Check”  CrossTalk

7.8  Johnson, Roger and Johnson, David  (1994)  “An Overview of Cooperative Learning”

7.9  Gelperin, David  (2004)  “Developing a Requirements Team”

7.11  Gottesdiener, Ellen  (2001)  “Collaborate for Quality”  STQE

7.12  Marsan, Anne  (2015)  “9 Essential Tools for Project Communication”

7.13  Firesmith, Donald  (2004)  “Prioritizing Requirements”

7.14   Wiegers, Karl  (1999)  “First Things First: Prioritizing Requirements”

7.15   In, Hoh et al.  (2001)  “Applying WinWin to Quality Requirements: a case study”

7.16   Ma, Nan et al.  (2008)  “Using Mediation Theory to Build a Requirements Conflict Resolution Model”

7.17  Boehm, Barry  (2000)  “Project Termination Doesn’t Equal Project Failure” Computer

7.18  Gelperin, David  (2003)  “The Only Winning Move”

7.19  Gelperin, David  (2012)  “Bob Builds a Lightweight Requirements Manager”