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Papers for Chapter 8.
Managing Requirements Risk

8.1  Charette , Robert  (2005)  “Why Software Fails”  IEEE Spectrum

8.2  DeMarco, Tom & Lister, Tim  (2003)  “Risk Management during Requirements”  IEEE Software

8.3  Firesmith, Donald  (2007)  “Common Requirements Problems”

8.4  Lawrence, Brian  Wiegers, Karl  Ebert, Christof  (2001)  “The Top Risks of Requirements Engineering”  IEEE Software

8.6  Szalavitz, Maia,  (2008)  "10 Ways We Get the Odds Wrong"  Psychology Today,  January

8.7  Lipkus, Issac  Hollands, J. G.  (1999)  “The Visual Communication of Risk”  Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs No. 25

8.8  Davis, Alan  (2003)  “The Art of Requirements Triage”  IEEE Computer

8.9  Hayes, Jane  (2003)  “Building a Requirement Fault Taxonomy”

8.10  Lauesen, Soren  Vinter, Otto  (2000)  “Preventing Requirement Defects”