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Papers for Preface

0.1  Brooks, Frederick P. Jr. “No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accident in Software Engineering”
IEEE Computer 20 (4): 10–19, 1987

Papers for Chapter 1.
Task-Adequate Understanding

1.1  Van der Bijl-Brouwer, M. and Boess, S. (2010) “From remembering to envisioning product use: an informal design technique” Proceedings of the 7th International Design & Emotion Conference 2010. Chicago (IL, USA). More information at

1.2  Dretske, Fred (2004) “Change Blindness” Philosophical Studies 120 pp 1 to 18

1.3  British Ministry of Defense (2010) “Understanding” JDP04

1.5  Eaddy, Marc et al. (2008) “Do Crosscutting Concerns Cause Defects?” IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering

1.6  Kamm, Daniel (2005) “An Introduction to Risk/Hazard Analysis for Medical Devices”

1.7  ...  "Failure Modes and Effects Analysis"

1.8  Gelperin, David (2018) "On the Inevitable Intertwining of Specification and Implementation" Revisited: Preprint

1.a  Gelperin, David (2008) "Q and A about imprecise requirements and rich definitions"